Hifu Treatment for stage 3 Prostate cancer : What are the chances



HIFU treatment isn’t the best option for all patients of prostate cancer. However, patients with localized prostate cancer i.e. stage 1 or 2 in which the cancer has not yet spread to other areas of the body may want to consider this minimally invasive procedure. Further the HIFU treatment may be used for men who have been diagnosed with low or intermediate risk.


Those patients with low risk include:


  • Having a PSA level less than or equal to 10ng/mL
  • Having a Gleason score of 6
  • Are in stage T1c- T2a, where no nodules are felt on DRE or a small nodule which is less than half of one side of the prostate

Those patients with intermediate risk include:


  • Having a PSA level of 10-20ng/mL
  • Have a Gleason score of 7
  • Are in stage T2b where the larger nodules are confined to one lobe

The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) can also be used as salvage therapy for the patients whose cancer recurs locally after the radiation therapy.


Stage 3 prostate cancer


The stage 3 prostate cancer is when the cancer has spread from the prostate and it may have grown into the tubes which carry the semen.


HIFU Treatment


The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment makes use of the high frequency energy to heat and destroy the cancer cells in the prostate gland. When the sound waves are concentrated on the body tissues, they heat up and die. The specialists target the area containing the cancer. Since HIFU is a non-surgical procedure there is no incisions or blood loss. It is an outpatient procedure generally performed under the local or general anesthesia and the recovery is quicker.


What are the chances?


If you have been diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer then you have a 70-80% of chance of living for at least five more years.


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United States (US Dollars)

India (US Dollars)




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